Because these are cheap, please do not underestimate the power of these best budget scopes for AR 15 under $100, $200 and $300.

Here is the thing …

These 10 budget scopes for AR 15 gun can fulfill a few of your basic shooting requirements very efficiently.

If you want to hunt in a humid and wet environment, obviously you need a scope that has an anti-fog facility in such cases, a nitrogen-cleared scoop is better if you get. That will be perfect for your purpose.

Deciding how you need a scope for hunting and the strategy is very important for achieving a proper scope.

If you want to get an excellent useful scope that is able to meet your wisdom, it is essential to keep an eye on the magnifications, the lens, and it’s zero error.

A scope that is difficult to set zero error affects the accuracy of your aim. Moreover, the chances of the desired target escaping will be huge if you use a scope that will be fuzzy.

Best scopes for AR 15 under 100 budget
Best scopes for AR 15 under 100 budget

In this article, we have written reviews of some great potential scopes that are excellent in performance. Market research, consumer feedback, and experts have been sought to compile this article.

Important Terminologies Regarding AR 15 Rifle Scope

Gun Scopes for AR 15 on a budget
Gun Scopes for AR 15 on a budget

Scope Tube

Scope Tube is the middle tube name that connects between the OCULAR lens and the OBJECTIVE lens.

It’s a one-piece metal tube and available in two different sizes – 30 mm and 1 inch.

Objective Bell

Objective bell is where the objective lens is fixed in the tube of the scope. That prevents the movement of the objective lens and does not allow its position to disturb. It also comes in two sizes, like a tube.

Objective Lens:

Objective lens is one of the most critical parts of the scope. Its purpose is to collect the appropriate extent of light on the ocular lens. Objective lens is more significant in size than the ocular lens.


Eyepiece works to prevent unnecessary movement of the scope’s ocular lens. Its dial is useful for bringing the aim to a precise point.

Ocular Lens:

Ocular is the lens close to the eye. Most Ocular lenses are made with multiple coating to enhance their performance and make the lens waterproof. Its purpose is to illuminate the target for the shooter with the help of light received from objective lenses.


These are small cubes that are found on the top and right sides of the scope. Their purpose is to adjust the elevation, windage and parallax for accurate aiming.

Field of view:

Field of view is the width of observing area from right to left about 100 yards. It has a converse affiliation with the enlargement of the scope.

Exit Pupil:

Exit pupil is a light disk fixed in the field center, and its size is directly related to the brightness of the vision.


The reticle is a set that can be consists of lines or might be containing dots. Its main task is to provide accurate aim to targeting.


The parallax is a problem in sight for a shooter in which the target image and actual target could be different, and the target image could not be shown on the same focal plane.


MOA is a short form of Minute of Angle, which is a quantity of pointed measurement. An experienced shooter should be aware of the MOA of his rifle scope for better aiming.

BDC Retile:

BDC means Bullet Drop Compensator. In easy words, this is a guess about bullet dropping range for a shooter.

Top 10 Best Budget Scopes for AR 15 Comparison Table:

Image Details  Price
Best Cheap ScopeBest-ar15-scopes-under-100   CVLIFE 2.5-10x40e 

This scope is High Light Scattering
Five Intensities of a glow (Red or Green)
In this scope, you will also get a red Laser that uses for targeting.
Check Price on Amazon
fLIPS leNSBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-UTG  UTG 3-9X32 1

It has red & green Reticle Illumination.
It has the quality to flip the lens.
It has a maximum lens of transmission because of a special lens
Check Price on Amazon
WITH GREEN LASERBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-UUQ 2.5-10x40  UUQ 2.5-10×40

It has a green laser that is integrated.
Fog proof.
Great for Close Range.
Check Price on Amazon
BEST FOR NIGHTBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-Pinty-2.5  Pinty 2.5-10×40

Close Range Scope like 100 Yards.
The Lens of this scope is multi-talented.
The laser is very visible at night.
Check Price on Amazon
good for long distanceBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-Monstrum  Monstrum 1-4×20

Scope Range: Mid-Range, Up to 500 Yards.
Illuminated Range Finder.
Airsoft quality.
Check Price on Amazon
fog proofBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-barska  Barska 1-4×28

Versatile zoom range.
Solid waterproof and shockproof.
Check Price on Amazon
flip up lensBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-At3  AT3 LEOS

Durable, Waterproof.
It has a flip-up lens cap.
It has a great optic.
Check Price on Amazon
light weightBest-ar15-scopes-under-100-Vortex-Optics  Vortex Optics Strikefire

Lightweight but deliver shockproof performance.
Price is Unbeatable.
This Scope has great sight.
Check Price on Amazon
Under $300Best-ar15-scopes-under-100-Crossfire 2 Vortex Optics Crossfire

Its parallax setting is 25 yards to infinity.
Great clarity potentially an amazing scope.
Amazing optic for an amazing price.
Check Price on Amazon
Under $270Best-ar15-scopes-under-100--Mueller Mueller 8-32 x 44mm  

40 inches at 100 yards.
Bright and sharp even you are at 32x.
Most preferable if you’re shooting under 1000Y.
Check Price on Amazon

1. CVLIFE – Best Cheap Scope for AR 15 Under 100 USD


  • Its Kellner eyepiece increases the sight of the field by removing the anomalies of the image.
  • It has a sturdy external body that can satisfactorily protect it from abrasion, dust and any greasy material.
  • It is perfect for both near and distant shooting because its dioptric adjustment lens is best at showing a clear and spotless view without using any extra eyeglass.


  • Its construction is not of very well standard.

CVLIFE Hunting rifle scope is a commendable scope. It has a gun laser mounted on it, which is perfect for accurate targeting.

It has an objective lens of 40 mm, with the zooming up to 2.5-10 X, which is capable of improving the target’s image.

Also, its multi-coated lens offers an excellent light reflection free of waste constraints. CVLIFE scope is an excellent scope for recreational hunting and professional military activities.

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope comes with the latest 5mW Red Laser that makes this scope effective for shooting at a long-range and short-range.

·It has a special coating on the external lens that protects it from scratches but also protects against dirt and smudges.

The windage and elevation adjustment given in this scope is beneficial for better and accurate aiming. As a result, you can hunt what you want.

The illuminated reticle of this scope has five levels of brightness. Additionally, it is possible to use it utterly dark reticle by decreasing the intensity.

2. UTG BugBuster – AR 15 Scope For $100


  • It has a great ability to lock the target with high accuracy.
  • Ideally located elevation and windage knobs
  • Seamless turret chasing.
  • One of the best lighted reticle that improves exact aiming, particularly in dark situations.
  • Effective performance with robust built.


  • It’s close built does not allow an adequate eye relief.

If you want to get a scope that you can use regardless of the weather condition and the environment and hit the right target, UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster scope is right in front of you.

This scope features the SSS that creates a secure connection between the inner and outer tubes.

In addition, this scope is made on very exclusive True Power Platform technology, so it is also amazing at being effective as well as durable.

One of its best features of bug buster scope is entirely flexibility in usage. This scope is accommodating the accuracy of timed shot and with the help of mil-dot reticle and by range evaluations. 

Another unavoidable feature is its entirely sealed, 100% nitrogen filled and compatible construction, and this scope can be easily fixed on numerous rifle types for enhancement of the aiming capabilities.

This scope is the right choice for a shooter caught in extreme weather as it includes a combination of cooperative eye relief and red and green illumination.

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope has a lens with an emerald coating that enhances the visual range in dim lights and helps the shooter to concentrate on his aim.

This scope is easy to customize, which enhances its performance for specific situations; this is possible due to the MOA that works to see the aim well.

The feature of BugBuster scope includes its well-designed turrets that not only makes its better elevation and windage adjustments but also hold these adjustments by locking it in a stable direction so that the zero error can be avoided.

3. UUQBest AR 15 Scope Mount Under 100 Dollars


  • It’s Red Dot offers impressive results in Close Quarter circumstances just like self-defence.
  • Exceptionally easy to use and its setting is too much comfortable.
  • It has an everlasting reticle, and batteries do not require for this operation.
  • Reliable and robust, built, and appropriately useful parts.
  • It has wonderful versatility in respect of 10 levels of brightness Features 10 different brightness approaches.


  • Not suitable for high gauge shotguns

If you are looking for a good scoop that works well for mid-range shooting, then UUQ 2.5-10×40 Tactical Rifle Scope is better than others.

You can use it if you want to go for a clean and vibrant vision at 2.5-10 X zooming levels. This scope is the best choice for Close Quarter fight or to hunt any speedy moving target.

To accommodate the different levels of varied lights, its red or green shaded illuminated reticle is too effective.

Surely, you will get a fantastic visual image of your target with UUQ tactical rifle scope regardless of considering the brightness levels.

The great feature in this scope is its abrasion-resistant green lens.  Its construction makes it possible to deliver the adequate light for an excellent clear vision.

It has an incorporated light vision and removable micro reflex dot which makes a brilliant combination. This combo is very efficient to take the accurate aim of the quick-moving target.

This scope is also excellent in its handiness.  It can be easily mounted on any metal surface rifle. Suitable for Weaver or Picatinny rails.

4. Pinty – Good AR 15 Scope Mount Under 100


  • Its elevation and windage adjustments are accurate.
  • Its red laser is very useful to aim for a close quarter fight.
  • It has 5 different planes of brightness to help with better flexibility under varying illumination situations.


  • Laser dot adjustments’ is not available.
  • Not very much effective in the night because it does not have a night vision

The scope we’re going to mention now is specifically designed to target close range targets. For example, goals that are up to 5 yards in range or are being practiced.

So if you are looking for a long-range target, this scope may not be right for you. However, if your needs are the opposite, then there may be no better chance for you.

It did not feature sacks like other scopes but instead tried to keep it as simple as possible so that the bullet could travel farther.

In fact, to prevent the scope from becoming more complicated, the maker wanted to make it extremely simple and was mostly successful in its purpose.

The two batteries that it comes with are very powerful and well packaged.

Its Magnification range looks better than the other scopes of this range. With 2.5-10X and 40mm, it is able to assist significantly in your shooting.

As compared to the blue color objective lens, Its multi-coated objective lens in green allows progressive light transfer which is vital for better clearness and noteworthy performance.

The highlight of this scope is that It is also beneficial in fog and rainy season due to the O ring is sealed and the nitrogen filling inside and also can produce good results.

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Best Budget AR-15 Scopes Under 200

5. Monstrum Tactical 1-4×24 – Best AR 15 Scope Under 200 USD


  • Its size and power adjustment are unmatched
  • Its free handed eye relief makes it possible to use this scope in various circumstances
  • Impressive reticle illumination, just like its expensive competitors.
  • Well-built rifle scope and easy to use in a short period.
  • Provides a clear view of your target and saves you chances to shoot.


  • Feel a little bit heavy due to sturdy construction

Monstrum Tactical offers its admirable 1-4×24 First Focal Plane (FFP) Rifle Scope that is full of features with being a low budget.

This scope can be considered as best in the list of the best scope with this price. It is easy to aim your target up to 400 yards with 1-4x magnification. This scope is specially designed to make your hunting life more comfortable.

If you know about the rifles, scopes and the hunting, you will also know about the term of the first focal plane. 

This scope is the First Focal Plane and delivers the best result based on its splendid features. It doesn’t matter if the external weather and climate are wrong or what; it just helps you to get a good target.

Monstrum Tactical rifle scope makes it easier to hit the target with the help of an optic front, which increases the magnification of the lens.

This scope has an amazingly useful reticle that helps to overcome the minor mistake and provides a speedy range calculation.

For optimum Visibility, the black reticle can also be lighted. This functionality exceptionally supports shooting in dim light situations.

For the reduction in optical abnormalities, scope’s lens has multiple coating on it, that gives you a clear view of the target for proper aiming.

This scope comes with 4-4.5 inch eye relief in combination with an objective lens of 24 mm dia. This unique combo increases the value of this precious scope and makes it ideal for any hunting mission.

In its construction, special aircraft aluminum is used, as well as a 30 mm tube filled with nitrogen in the scope to help in protection from fog and water.

Along with the accessories you get a CR2032 3V  battery, flip-up lens cover set that is spring-loaded, lint-free cloth for cleaning, a collection of medium Picatinny scope rings and a bag pack for secure and trouble-free handling.

6. Barska 1-4×28 – Good Cheap Scope Under 200 for AR15


  • For increasing the performance and its life, high grade waterproof and shockproof parts are used in its construction.
  • Regardless of the magnification limits,  its Multiple coating lenses are highly capable of optimizing clearness, colors, and brightness to offers high-quality images.
  • Because of it Lightweight, this scope which is too much portable for the shooter.
  • An excellent built-in angled sunshade is provided to protect against any disturbance while aiming during high sunshine. It is rarely found in other scopes.


  • Looseness in the locks of Adjustment turret is common.

What features do you have in mind about the best rifle scope?

Excellent eye relief, 100% correct magnification, easy to remove zero error, effective optical resolution and most importantly, an even better image of aim.

All these features are found in the Barska 1-4×28 IR rifle scope. Is it not that impressive?

With Barska 1-4×28 IR rifle scope, you can forget the pressure of unpleasant weather, as it offers excellent hunting ability even in inclement weather with its superb fog and water-resisting quality.

If you suffer from a situation where you have no time to recharge the scope reticle battery, two batteries are included in this scope to keep you out of trouble. So that one standby battery can be used in case of active cell run out.

Once you set the scope to zero, this scope can be used very quickly. All you need to do is fire a few rounds that will allow you to zero in the cross-hair in the initial time.

Its locking turrets are superb. It does not allow any external dynamics to break away from its adjustments.

This kind of locking does not damage the adjustment of the wind, nor does the elevation.

And so you don’t have to make adjustments on every shot and waste your time. Further, there will be a positive difference in performance.

Scope’s magnification power is wonderful. With its 1-4X enlarging authority, it helps the beginners (who are still in the process of learning) in professional-level targeting; this makes hunting easier for them.

It’s all features. They are ideal for the shooters who are interested in playing with their target before hunting.

Thus, this scope is considered to be an excellent choice for both long and short-range shooting. Get this worthy scope and be a 100-yard shooting specialist.

The red and green Mill-Dot, while bright in its lens, allows for successful shooting in a variety of inclement weather.

7. AT3 LEOS – Best Red Dot Sight for AR 15 under 200


  • Its windage and elevation adjustments can be made without the need for external tools.
  • Easy to mount on any rifle with Picatinny rail
  • Considered as parallax-free up to 25 yards of range
  • This scope thankfully permits an external magnification device.
  • It Comes with AT3 Tactical warranty for a lifetime.


  • It Doesn’t consider as reliable with the matter of laser zeroing. 

Buying a proper scope for any expert shooter, which is impressive in performance but not a heavy burden on the pocket is a very tough task.

But this difficult task could be done with very ease if you buy the AT3 LEOS Red AR Fifteen Scope that gives you the opportunity to get the exclusive features you want.

This incredible AR-15 scope comes with double options 2MOA red dot and powerful red laser along with the vision. With a durable CR123A battery that has a life of almost 50000 hours.

This scope allows you to adjust the elevation and wind as per situations and weather.

Another function is its great portability option; this scope can be used on a shotgun or any other big one irrespective of thinking regarding its safety.

AT3 LEOS Red consists of a nitrogen-filled tube in scope; this tube not only makes the scope waterproof and fog proof but also overcomes the hurdles during recoiling of the rifle attached with scope.

Its some other notable features are its specific digitally controlled sight and laser, its integrated riser mount for its most exceptional eye level. Its iron sights enhance its co-witness functionality.

For its precious lens protection maker uses the spring-loaded flip-up lens covers. With these features, this scope looks more decent and highly effective.

AT3 LEOS Red is the best AR-15 scope for hunting missions, competitions, and home defense. It is highly compatible with any weapon holding Weaver or Picatinny mounting rails.

8. Vortex Optics Strikefire – Under 200 Scope


  • Entirely easy to mount and use
  • The impressive, powerful battery on which you can rely.
  • Night vision friendly
  • It has ten adjustable illumination options
  • Prime brightness even during the dark scenarios.
  • It is less in weight of about 1 Lb.


  • No magnification
  • A little bit difficult for frequent usage due to the big size.
  • Lens cap cannot be removed.

Which shooter doesn’t dream of achieving the right target? And in such situations, if the required objective is to be shot while more field of view is needed, this dream can turn into a nightmare.

Keeping in view the above situation, Strikefire II Red Dot scope is designed to assist the shooter when the field of view and second targets are needed simultaneously.

This scope has been very successful in meeting these expectations.

Vortex Optics Strikefire II is an excellent addition in the shooting world with its fabulous versatility and unique features.

Its easy adjustments win many of the shooter’s hearts due to the handiness of 10 dot power and its compatibility with night vision.

It also has the feature that it automatically reaches the last point as soon as charged. This incredible scope is water and fog proof. Moreover, it’s 30 mm made of aluminum alloy built an impressive ultra-high recoil grade.

This scope allows the shooter to select the levels of brightness between the ten predefined levels as per his requirement after observing the situations.

It has a multi-coating lens for bright, clear image and shows the black spots in the field of view.  Its eye relief is capable of covering the functionality for quick target achievement.

Further, Vortex’s mid-range red dot makes this scope the correct option for the expert shooter as well as learners.

Although it has no magnification, you can use external magnifiers.

Best AR-15 Scope Under 300 Dollars

9. Vortex Optics – $300 Scope Mount for AR 15


  • Offers the best eye relief
  • Provide extremely high-level accuracy while shooting
  • Top Grade Material and Tough built is incredible.
  • Handy controlling to help accurate aiming.
  • Multiple reticles options
    this scope Comes with Company warranty for the lifetime.


  • A little bit heavy

If this scope is to be defined in three words, it can be said to be accurate, clear and robust.

Vortex Optics has tried to deliver all the features in its new Crossfire II scope, regardless of its low price and has undoubtedly succeeded.

The scope is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is a model of sophistication and quality, which also works effectively.

There are quite a lot of scopes in the market that is similar to its features, but they are more expensive than this, the price difference makes this scope best in this budget.

This scope is designed to be an outstanding performance and reliability. By shooting with Crossfire II, the shooter can trust that his target will not be missed, no matter how far away because of its fast-focus eyepiece.

Its Long Eye Relief allows the shooter to enjoy his hunting mission for longer without having to suffer eye problems.

The lens is fully multiple-coated to protect the glass from the dazzle of light. It gives more light to the color, reduces fog, and the target is more accurately shoot by the appearance of a clean image.

Vortex guarantees you in the form of Crossfire II, with a proper scope that is waterproof, shockproof and fully capable of delivering the best performance in all weather and environmental conditions.

The Crossfire II gives the shooter the freedom to choose the reticle from multiple options. Its new Dead-Hold BDC feature allows the shooter a great deal of precision in wind and bullet dropping with hash marks.

10. Mueller Target Good Cheap Scope for 270


  • Precise imaging the target in different lighting situations
  • Constant magnification level even while aiming the distant target
  • Better and more accurate results as compared to its other competitors


  • The internal superficial lens tube is not coated.

There are three qualities to a great shooter looking in a scope. The first is to hit the target far without stressing the eyes.

The second is to make correct and straightforward adjustments. And the third is to get the best clear and accurate view.

The Mueller Target Rifle Scope is capable of meeting your standards for achieving all three goals.

It includes all the features that are considered a good scoop nowadays and make the scope ideal for daily use. Moreover, it is the perfect choice for targeting fast-moving targets.

The highlight of this is its advanced magnification level, which helps the weak sight shooter do very well, and his adjustment is also much easier than others. That way, the chance of missing a target drops.

Being clear of the scene and getting a bright glow are additional impressive features of the Mueller Target Rifle Scope.

This scope has the ability to maintain an excellent brightness while minimizing the effects of all types of problematic lighting so that you get a better and clearer picture.

Its 32X zooming level is high for hitting a long-distance target or targeting a smaller size target. It especially helps in accurate focusing the weaker eyes.

This state of the art scope comes with easy adjustments and perfect Dot feature that increase the chances to hit the precise target.

Undoubtedly, the AR Fifteen has now become America’s best and most used rifle. It is used for multi-purpose. There are many reasons for this reputation.

We tell you some facts related to this rifle that you may not know.

The term “AR” does not mean an Assault Rifle, as many people think. In fact, AR is an abbreviation of “ArmaLite rifle”. That’s the name of Arms Company.

AR-15 rifles can look similar to military guns such as M16, but according to law, it is not actually. Because AR 15 can shoot only 1 round on each trigger pulling.



TruGlo Picatinny 1/2 Riser Mount

Truglo presents its one of the best riser mount for AR 15 rifle in your service. This cutting edge mount has a Picatinny rail structure for making the effortless connection with any Picatinny friendly scopes.


  • Attachment is easy
  • Strong structure


  • Not suitable for the weaver rail system

Riser mount is made of aluminum, which is fabricated by Computerized numerical control. Thanks to its sturdy built, it is highly capable of protecting as a shield from the recoiling jerk.

This mount is not only helpful with traditional scope; amazingly, it can be appropriately fitted with red dot sight gracefully. It helps to better align the target with your scope by raising the scope about half an inch.



Bushnell AR Optics Drop Zone

Bushnell’s made drop zone scope is a gift, especially for the AR 15 rifle. It helps the shooter with a clear view that is inexpensive as well.


  • High accuracy.
  • Windage and elevation adjustment is easy.
  • Impressive eye relief.


  • Mount is not included

It has a 40 mm objective lens with a 3-9 magnification range, which allows the shooter to get accurate targeting. Its magnification is perfect for medium-range hog hunting.

The lens of scope has multiple coating and gives the concise vision of your object to be hit and field of view.

The perfect view offers the freedom to the shooter to observe the tiny movements on the ground to help in wind estimation.

Another fantastic feature of Drop Zone Optic is its easily adjustable turrets that can be adjusted with no time and effortlessly.

Best Red Dot Sight For AR 15

Best Red Dot Sight For AR 15
Best Red Dot Sight For AR 15

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope


  • TRS-25 gives value to your money
  • Fog proof, shockproof and waterproof
  • Entirely multicoated inner tube
  • Its reticle can cover your field of view completely.


  • Accuracy is a little less as compared to Vortex.

When you are looking for the best Red Dot sight for AR 15 rifle, you cannot ignore the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 that is none other than a professional gadget at a very affordable price.

TRS-25 is small in size; it is just 2.4 inch in length and has weight only 3.6 ounces, that does not give you a heavy load on your rifle.

Its primary feature is its eye relief, this fantastic sight gives you complete freedom of placing your head anywhere, and you can shoot your target with both eyes.

 Another great feature is Bushnell’s latest Amber bright technology that gives you a better result than other red dot sights. Its reticle allows you to aim at a faraway target with adequate accuracy.

11 Best Iron Sights For AR 15

iron sights with scope for ar 15

Magpul Pro ​​​​MBUS


  • Beautiful front sight
  • Foldable rear sight
  • Including dual apertures


  • Not the best one for Long-range hunting

Magpul is a well-known company that has been a pioneer in presenting their best add-ons products, now proudly offers AR-15 iron sights.

These state of the art sights are strong enough without an increase in weight; these are made of high-quality steel instead of plastic. Sights can be fixed straight to the Weaver rail of AR 15.

These sights will be beneficial in achieving the target if your primary lenses lose sight. You can rely on this sight. It will accurately get you the best shooting honor.

Moreover, it supports the other aiming accessories, just like a laser. Overall this will be an excellent and useful add on the gadget for an AR-15 rifle.

Why is the AR 15 Rifles more Popular?

You’ve got to understand that the AR Fifteen is America’s most famous rifle. Let’s review below, for accessible reasons.

AR rifle is the gunners’ top choice because it is so extremely stress-free to handle.

AR 15 is too simple; people of all ages, even the older person can fire with it quickly.

The weight of this rifle is too less, so this can be easy picking up.

This rifle is a tailored made. You can customize it upon your requirements. Moreover, other accessories are easy to attach with this rifle.

It’s assembling, Dismantling is easy, and the parts that are used in rifle are interchangeable.

Why is this necessary to mount a Scope with AR-15 rifle?

In the past, you have been told that many types of attachments to this rifle can be easily fitted, but most important of all accessories is a proper scope. Mounting a good scope is undoubtedly a recognition of your wisdom.

By applying the scope, your aim will be accurate, this will build confidence in yourself to achieve, and you can easily hunt your prey.

Ok. Now you understand what the AR-15 rifle is and what is the scope but are all the scopes same? Can all scope meet your needs? The answer is a big NO.

When you need a scope, first analyze the need.

Why do you need a scope?

Do you want to use it for shooting competitions? Or do you plan to go for a hunting mission, so you want to get a scope?

If you are going to hunt, will it be daytime or night to suit your hunting plan?

What range do you have to shoot? Do you intend to shoot long-range or on a shorter range?

Is your target movable or static? All these questions you have to analyze yourself so that you know it precisely which scope will benefit you.

After getting all these facts, you will be proud when you take the range of your selection. And then the real purpose of your scope will be fulfilled.

What are the advantages of AR-15 scopes?

Let’s go a little further and see how many benefits we can get from a proper scope.

  • An essential purpose of the scope is to give better visibility.
  • Broader sight with optimized range.

These scopes are not just for day use. Its Reticle for the night has special night illumination, which makes it so easy for the shooter to see in the darkness of the night, making it difficult to escape the target.

The scope helps the shooter easily hit the most accurate target. For the same purpose, the extent is being made.

If you can watch your target up to 50 yards with the naked eye, you will easily see up to 150 yards with the magnification optics of the scope. So you can imagine how you could miss a target?

With the new technologies used in today’s scope, shooters are able to estimate target movement and distance quickly.

It is mainly due to its advanced reticles that give you more accuracy with enhanced focusing. And the shooter will achieve successful targeting and credit.

Maximum scopes nowadays use multiple coated lenses. This lens decreases glare from the view even in bright daylight. So the visibility can be enhanced.

What to check before buying Cheap Scopes for AR 15?

Now that you have learned enough about rifle and scope duo, it is obviously worthwhile to think about what are the basic features of the scope that can be the effect on the performance of the range and aiming.

We are presenting the brief details of these basic features to you. You must know about their functionalities and their effects on performance if you are looking to buy a proper scope.

Is It Far Away: Magnification

Magnification is the most crucial element for the scope that actually serves the primary purpose. But this does not mean that low magnification scope may not produce good results.

On the other hand, if you have to hunt in a remote area, a high magnification scope will be worthy for you.

There are two types of magnification enhancements – one is variable, and the other is fixed. We suggest you use a fixed one if you are new to the world of rifle and hunting.

Fixed doesn’t add many spare parts, so handling and understanding is easy for a new shooter. Besides, other advantages are found in this kind of magnification that they are durable and more accurate, and also lighter than the variable.

It is an excellent decision to use variables just by reviewing the situation.

How to Focus on the Target:   Reticles

The purpose of Reticle is to help the shooter to see through the target and aim correctly. These are just a set of designs that appear on the lens of your scope.

In other words, Reticle is also called crosshair. Mostly they are in the form of dots or cross.

In the past, Reticle only appeared in the plus sign, thanks to innovation, they are now shown in other formats that make targeting even better.

It’s the most popular types nowadays are Illuminated, BDC, Duplex, and Mill Dot. Now we discuss all these types one by one.

(a) Illuminated Reticle

Just assume you’re on a hunt when it’s night, and the darkness is at its peak. In such situations, you are likely to face a very difficult situation.

Because a regular reticle might fail in this dark and it is also difficult to hit the target.

In such a scenario, you need an improvement, which is most suitable for night-time hunting. To overcome this difficulty, new scopes are coming with an illuminated reticle.

There are options of color available in illuminated reticles you can select the bright colour of the Reticle at your requirement.

(b) BDC Reticle

BDC is the abbreviation for Bullet Drop Compensation. These are great for targeting at long distances.

These are designed to assist the shooter, and the Reticle estimates the range the shot will turn down due to gravity.

(c)  Duplex reticle

Duplex type reticle consists of thick lines in the sides but fine in the middle points. In some scopes, a small dot is added in the middle for better aiming.

However, aiming can be difficult for a new shooter with a duplex reticle due to bold lines.

(d) Mil-dot Reticle

Mill dot reticles contain a combination of crosshairs and dots. These are a bit complicated being of something different.

It requires a certain amount of skill to balance gravity and flow rate. These reticles are designed only for the specifically experienced shooter, who can understand their calculations and are able to hunt through it.

Problem or Illusion:   Parallax

Most of you will be unaware of this term, and maybe a little nervous. Well, there doesn’t need to be much pressure. It’s not a great philosophy.

The parallax is just a visual deception that is a manifestation of the effects of light. It has the potential to spoil your aiming.

It happens when the target and Reticle are not on a plan. Experts easily adjust it and eliminate its effects, but it is not easy for a new shooter.

Safety First:     Eye-relief

The problem of jerking back and shock in the AR 15 bothers a lot of people. And why not worry; this shock can damage the shooter’s eye.

That’s why it’s essential to take care of your eye when shooting with any rifle or gun.

Eye relief is the distance of your eye from the scope. It may also consider your safety limits. In AR 15 rifles it is up to 4 inches.

That means to protect your eye; you need the eye 4 inches away from the scope.

Second, having your rifle mounted on your shoulder also makes a lot of sense. It also helps keep your eyes safe by absorbing the shock.

So, here is the advice if you are a beginner then you should go for a small size scope so that eye relief can be increased.

And always place the rifle in the correct position at your shoulder.

The Mathematical Skill:  MOA

The MOA is actually the abbreviation for Minute of Angle. It is a purely calculated knowledge that an expert shooter must understand.

MOA is especially needed when you plan to hunt a very distant target.

Minutes of Angel can be different depending on the scope, and it has to be adjusted. Unless you can understand Minute of Angle properly, you will have difficulty in hunting.

Further, the calculation of MOA can only be obtained from practice with different scopes and targets of different ranges.

Once you have thoroughly examined all these features and understood which feature is better for hunting, you will not make the mistake of achieving a proper scope.

The Last Words: AR 15 Scopes within 100-300 Budget

We strive to give you the best information from this point of view in this article.

Reviews about the rifle, about the scope, about different terminology and the best scopes, are also included in this article.

Hopefully, after reading the article, choosing the most suitable and best scope is not as difficult as it may seem at first.

 Do you like our list of Best Budget Scopes for AR15? If you have any best budget scopes other than these, please comment.

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