Best Controller to Play Super Smash Bros Ultimate (Updated 2020)

You can win or lose in a matter of seconds. So, you should get only the best controller to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

best controller to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate

“Super smash bros ultimate” is a game that is everyone’s favorite game and everyone likes to play it and it is a matter of seconds to win it and within seconds you can win or lose the game.

And your chances to win can be increased if you have a good controller to play the game. For gamers who are medical students as well, we have some best laptops for medical schools.

If you have a good grip on the controller and better know-how of the controller.

The right jump and the right shield at the right time can help you massively in winning and make your performance automatically better.

Some people use any controller that they can find easily but some players who are hardcore player and do not compromise on anything while they play, they want specific controllers that are designed for the sole purpose of playing this game to win and to play better.

These controllers will provide you with a better grip and reachable control buttons that you can press easily so you can jump or shield or attack the right time.

After many analyses and by using some of these controllers and by getting the reviews from many buyers we have formed a list of controllers that will work best for you to win the game and can give you a good time playing it with ease.

List Of The Best Controllers To Play Super Smash Bro Ultimate:-

Images Name  
Best-Controller-Game -cube GameCube Controller

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Best-Controller-PDP PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-Hori Hori Nintendo Battle Pad Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-Ninetendo-joy Nintendo Joy-Con Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-Ninetindo-ultimate Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-PDP Super Smash Bros Ultimate Controller Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-Power-A PowerA Wireless Controller Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-8. 8BitDo Wireless Bluetooth Adapter Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-hori-upgrade-switch Hori Nintendo Switch Wireless or iPad Check Price on Amazon
Best-Controller-Hitbox-A HitBox Smash Box Check Price on Amazon

1. GameCube Controller: #1 Controller for Playing Super Smash Bro Ultimate


  • One adaptor can control four controllers.
  • It is not console restricted.
  • It has a “HOME” button that can help you enter the characters easily.
  • It can be set up to produce less or no vibrations.
  • It has a 30 days return policy.


  • Sometimes, You might face an input lag after 3 hours usage.

This game controller is shaped in a way that provides you with a good grip over the controller and gives you easy access to the controlling buttons so you can press them with ease.

It is easy to use and very easy to set up with your computer or any other electronic device you are playing on.

There are two models of this adapter controller, Nintendo Switch/Wii, and PC. This controller has a “HOME” button that lets you enter the game characters faster.

This controller supports all the game consoles and produces no vibrations and if you need them you can change the settings of the controller as per you like.

You can use this controller no matter what game console or set up you have you can easily use it and it doesn’t reduce its efficiency when in any of the consoles.

The products of this company which are transferred abroad are modified according to the country they are being transferred to and their language is altered respectively they also alter in their age timing and labeling and instruction language are according to the country they are shipped to.

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This adapter is very efficient and one adaptor can be attached to four different controllers.

2. PDP Wired Fight Pad Pro:- (with 10 ft. Long Cord)


  • The cord that comes with it is 10 feet long so you can play it from a distance easily.
  • It doesn’t require an additional adapter.
  • It has a groove where your index finger can rest.
  • It has a longer detachable C stick.
  • It can also plug into your charger and work in portable mode.


  • This has very noisy buttons.
  • It has no motion control.
good controller for Super Smash Bros Ultimate

This controller is a GameCube inspired controller having three switches, it comes with a 10 feet long cord which I find a very impressive feature about it as this will help you play your game comfortably from your couch.

Some reviewers say that they don’t like the way this controller feels on your hands as it is like the Xbox Duke controller.

The Fight Pro provides you with two bumpers that allow you to do air dodge as well as grab things between games.

This controller also has a groove on its side where your index finger can rest and also it has a very smooth texture.

It also supports an additional C stick that can be attached or detached according to your comfortability.

It helps you to perform C attacks easily and increase your performance during the games.

One of the downsides that this controller has that it is very noisy and the noise gets louder and louder as you smash a certain key again and again that you can hear it from the next room (if you are playing late at night while your parents are asleep, this controller is not a good idea).

This controller requires no adapter and is a pretty good deal, it is very cheap.

3. Hori Nintendo Battle Pad:-


  • It is very light in size.
  • It has “no vibration “function.
  • It has a 10 feet long cord.
  • The buttons are only slightly raised.


  • It has a very harsh and rough texture.

I have used this Hori Nintendo Battle Pad controller myself and I’ll tell you about it according to what I have experienced when I played with this controller so let’s get you to know about this controller.

This controller costs you up-to 25$ and it is inspired by GameCube controller (at least that’s what I think about it).

This controller is small in size and you can say it is very cute as it comes in various colors and the handles of the controller s are covers with translucent plastic which is very gritty and has a texture of sandpaper and it feels as if you are holding sandpaper while you are holding this controller.

This controller also comes with a 10 feet long cord-like PDP controller.

These are all the good stuff one can say about this controller because I found no other.

This controller has very small push-buttons. It has two bumpers one “Z” button at the back and one “ZR” button in the front which is very confusing especially when the game instructs you to press the Z button and you accidentally press the ZR button which is one of the most irritating things that I have experienced while using this controller and also this controller is very slow to register commands and I find it very frustrating when I found my player is dead by small tiny little Jigglypuff.

This controller is a complete “no-no” from my side if you ask me.

4. Nintendo Joy-Cons:- (Best Controller Setup For Smash Ultimate)


  • These are good for kids.
  • They come in bright neon colors which are very eye-catching.
  • They work super nice ion the Nintendo switch.


  • You have to buy the charger separately.

If you own a Nintendo switch you already have a Nintendo Joy-Con and they work better if you attach them with a joy-con grip.

These are very small in size and have relatively smaller buttons that are very near to each other but it is a surprisingly effective game controller.

The tiny buttons on the tiny controller don’t promise much but they are quite good for their size (if you have relatively small hands like me) but if you have larger hands it will make you swear in seconds as the buttons are very near to each other and the thumbstick is also very low and are very annoying to use but the company has compensated for this flaws by assigning “grab” to SL and “shield” to SR.

It works but still, it won’t be anyone’s first choice in my opinion. Two joy-cons can or can’t be used independently in a game according to your desire during a game you can use them either by attaching them to the joy-con grip or you can attach them directly to your console.

What I believe is that this controller works best for kids.

There battery timing is 20 hours and you can charge them directly from the Nintendo switch or you have to purchase a charging grip. They will cost you up-to 69$.

5. Nintendo Switch Pro:- (Best for price Controller To Use For Smash Ultimate)


  • It can be changed into a wireless control when you want.
  • It comes with a USB 3.0 wire.
  • It gives great rumbling along with the vibrations.
  • It is very comfortable to play on.
  • This controller has a very good input perception.
  • The buttons on this controller are very press-able.


  • For many buyers it only lasted 5-6 months.

This switch is not easy on your pocket as it costs 70$. This is a very versatile controller as is provides with rumbles also and feels very good in hands also this controller has its A, B, X, and Y buttons in order and doesn’t confuse the players.

This is a wired controller and works better than a wireless controller. This receives all the inputs with efficiency and helps you play better.

It plays better with a TV console. It can be changed into wireless control once it is fully charged using the USB cable.

If any of the buttons on your controller are not working just turn it off and clean the dust off the controller button and use it again it will work just fine as it is a very durable product.

It doesn’t have a joystick but the C stick works just fine and gives you the same is compatible with the Nintendo switch only. It also comes with a USB 3.0 cable.

6. Super Smash Bro Ultimate Controller:


  • It can work with an American switch.
  • This works perfectly and has an OEM.
  • It has an extra-long cable for your comfort.


  • The C stick becomes less responsive after some time according to some buyers.
  • The four-player adaptor is not included, you have to purchase it separately.

This product is a Japanese import. It only costs 30$ and is not region-locked so you do not have to worry about spending extra bucks to use it.

This is the same as that of her GameCube Controller and Nintendo has not made any modifications to it.

The stick-on if feels better and more comfortable. You can’t go into the home screen directly by using the buttons on the controller.

The triggers on it are a little harder than a normal GameCube controller.

7. PowerA Wireless Controller:-


  • Some of the adaptors have PC compatibility.
  • It works with all wii games.
  • It supports eight controllers at once.
  • It gives a battery timing of 30 hours.
  • It is a wireless device.


  • Because of being a wireless controller it has some latency issues.
  • The C-stick begins to tilt upward after some time.

This controller is very efficient for people who like to play video games and is very much similar to that of GameCube controller with a little modification and is wireless which means that it will also have the latency issues as the others but it also has a wired version which you can plug into the Switch-Dock.

It also costs only 49.9$ but it is completely worth the cost it also has a button from which you can enter the home screen and also can take screenshots from it which is a very plus for the players.

This controller has a double-A battery in the back that favors the wireless actions of this controller and it is a bit heavy so it feels good in the hands but the buttons make a comparatively loud noise but it is not a very big problem.

The design, shape, and feel of this controller are harkened back to the OG Game CUBE controller.

It has a modernized button scheme. It can allow up-to eight controller connections and can support eight systems at once.

The motion controller includes intuitive game interactions. It has a larger 8-ways plus-shaped D-pad and has an octagonal gated analog and a C-stick.

The double AA batteries last you 30 hours which is a very good battery timing for a hardcore player. It is an officially licensed product from the classic GameCube designs.

8. BitDO Wireless Bluetooth Adapter:-


  • It gives you a variety of connection choices from which you can choose.
  • It can connect with Wii U, mac, laptop, Xbox, PC’s and PS3 and PS4.
  • It is wireless.
  • It has no lags.


  • Difficult to set up for beginners.
  • Buyers complain that it doesn’t come with any instruction on how to set it up.

You will love this controller if you are used to the Xbox or PS4 controllers as it is shaped like them.

‘This controller will cost you 20$ and it also comes with an adapter. This lets you play on your DualShock or Xbox and gives you a wide range of choices.

You should make sure that you have an updated adapter before setting it up.

The thumbstick of this controller is a bit different from others so it can take a little time in getting used to.

It also has a D-pad default. The DualShock bumpers give a better feel on the hands and give an ultra-quick grab also.

The buttons are very clicky and are comfortable to use. It can be used on PS3, PS3, Wii U Pro, Macs, laptops, tablets and laptops.

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It also comes with a BT USB adapter. It has no lag.

9. HitBox Smash Box:-


  • An injured or disabled person can also play on it.
  • It will be shipped within one shipping day or 2-3 weeks internationally.
  • They have a good replacing policy if you get a damaged product.
  • The inputs on this controller can be remapped according to your own likings.
  • It supports three different profiles at once.
  • It can also be attached to your PC.


  • It doesn’t give the joy of the thumbstick that some of the players like.
  • One of the major “cons” is the heavy price it costs.

It is the best fight stick for the SmashBros.Ultimate. It is a plethora of 23 buttons and you only press buttons to do everything, either moving, hitting or shielding.

It is said to be “The Next Generation” of SmashBro.Ultimate. It is compatible with an adapter that you have to buy separately.

And it costs you a big amount and you can only buy it if you are a hardcore player or either you are very rich.

It is made up of a sturdy metal case and plexiglass. You can remap these buttons as per your liking or your comfort.

It is compatible to shift between three separate profiles. It can also be plugged directly into your PC or you can attach it to your GameCube controller.

This controller also has a very thoughtful and kind aspect to it that it is designed in a way that an injured or disabled person can also enjoy playing the games with it

Concluding The Best Controllers To Play Super Smash Bro Ultimate:

These are all The Best Controllers To Play Super Smash Bro Ultimate. I personally reviewed overtime for you guys and I hope my reviews help you a lot as I have tried to make them precise yet with complete information for you to choose from so you have a wonderful experience while playing your favorite game and make your experience more joyful. 

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