If you want to transfer files from PC to Samsung Tablet via USB or via WiFi, but you are facing any problems, this short article will help you down the road, so stick around!

How To Transfer Files From PC To Samsung Tablet?

Sometimes transferring files to or from your Samsung tablet to PC or PC to Samsung tablet can be difficult. Many users need a convenient, reliable and the easiest way to transfer the files to or from their tablet.

There are many ways by which you can easily transfer files, but transferring resources need some time. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the file manager method but this method is not really simple.

It is a pretty straightforward method for those users who only want to transfer between a single tablet & PC.

How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy Tablet to my Computer to transfer files from PC to Samsung Tablet?

Following steps mentioned below might help you in transferring the files from your PC to Samsung tablet:

1) Connect PC and Samsung tablet via USB cable.

2)Tap USB connection settings.

3) Run file manager/My Computer/n your Windows Computer.

4)Select the files.

1: Connection Between PC And Tablet:

Simply connect your tablet and computer with the help of a data cable. Plug it into the socket and the other end into the computer’s USB port.

How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy Tablet to my Computer?

Most of the time, you’d be transferring Pictures or Videos to your Samsung Tablet. You can shoot better videos and vlogs using action cameras under $100.

2: Tap USB connection settings: 

By sliding down the display starting from the top edge of your tablet select USB connection settings. Now you have to press ‘Connected as a media device’. Wait for it, until it turns on the function.

3: Run file manager on Windows PC:

Start transferring files. Run a file manager on your computer. Move to the required folder in your PC or tablet to search for files.

 transfer files from PC to Samsung Tablet via USB

4: Select the files:

The last step is to highlight the selected file & furthermore copy or move it to the required location on your Samsung tablet from your PC.

Between your computer PC and a Samsung tablet, you can transfer files like pictures, audio files, movies and anything you might want to.\

In case you still cannot transfer files from PC to Samsung tablet via USB, you can transfer files via WiFi. There is another easy method. You need to install an android app like ShareIt or Zapya on both ( Your PC and Samsung Tablet). Open the same app on both of your devices and the next steps are pretty simple. Watch this simple video below to understand this procedure:

2 Ways to Transfer Files From PC to Samsung Tablet using WiFi

We searched the whole YouTube but could not find any videos on these topics in the US/UK English accent. These are the best videos that we came across and the procedure shown in these two videos works on all types of Android devices. In case you can’t understand the accent clearly, you may turn on the Captions on YouTube.

1. Transferring Via ShareIt

Install Share It on your PC and Samsung Tablet and open it. Now, follow the simple steps shown in the video below:

2. Transferring Via Zapya

In case ShareIt does not work for you, please install Zapya on both devices and then follow these steps shown in this video. These steps are pretty much the same as in the case of ShareIt.

Conclusion: Transfering Files From PC To Samsung Tablet?

These were the few steps that might help you to successfully transfer files from PC to Samsung Tablet without any headache. Sharing or transferring can cause you risks sometimes due to unusual activities. For example:

Do not unplug the USB cable while the transfer is in progress. This will cause data loss.

These steps are pretty simple and quickest way to get your required task done.

Samsung itself has introduced a variety of Samsung file transfer apps for their customers. This proved really helpful for users to transfer files between Samsung and the other devices.

The other devices include ; Android, IOS, Win and MAC computers by providing an easy facility of backing up mobile data.

Moreover, we should also consider the other reliable methods for performing the Samsung file transfer process. File transfer apps launched by Samsung can really help you in less time. These apps provide quality work and are less time-consuming. 

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